1781. Pen, Brown ink on verjured paper, 206 x 151 mm. Un exposed

Letter from Francisco de Goya to Martín Zapater (1746-1803), his childhood friend in Zaragoza, with affectionate expressions of friendship; allusion to the commission for San Francisco the Great and forecasts of retribution for the painting; sending gifts for Manuel Yoldi's daughter; Goya's economic situation and allusion to annuity investment; announcement of the presentation of Camilo Goya, brother of the painter, to the oppositions of curato, and mention of the disease of tercianas of the painter Juan Ramírez de Arellano.

The letter is not dated, but may be dated as immediately after October 6, 1781 for its content. Confirms the date when referring to the imposition made at the Bank of San Carlos on July 5, 1781. As he speaks of his parents in the plural, it has to be before the death of Joseph, his father, which occurred on December 17, 1781.